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Twin Ponds Winery: Discover the Essence of Fine Wine

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Twin Ponds Winery is located in Douglasville, Georgia. The winery is part of the 43 acres that make up Twin Ponds Escape. It is believed that our ancestors at Twin Ponds produced wine and spirits sometime between the late 1700s and early 1800s in Douglass County Georgia. They continued producing wines successfully until 1907 when Georgia became the first state in the South to pass a statewide ban on the production, transportation, and sale of alcohol. This was the true beginning of Prohibition some 12 years before the country ratified the 18th Amendment in 1919, which caused the entire nation to go dry on January 17, 1920.

Our ancestors had to be creative but the drought that Georgia experienced between 1924-1927 put an end to the juice, grape, raisin, and other non-alcoholic beverage businesses as well as the attempt to expand the range of crops. Through hard work and determination, they hung onto the land and eventually started raising livestock while other family members went to Atlanta to work in the health field, and as brick masons, to help support Twin Ponds during the depression.

The modern wine industry of Georgia only began in the 1980s. Georgia is the national leader in the production of wine from the Muscadine grape and the state of Georgia has become a certified wine region. It may not be as popular as its California counterpart, but it is growing in popularity daily.

Twin Ponds Winery is looking to combine some of the traditions of Georgia with the popularity of California through our unique partnership in the creation of Twin Ponds Wine.

About Us

Twin Ponds Winery, LLC



Our Founders

Twin Ponds Winery is run by the dynamic sister and brother team of Lynn Collins-Bush and William Collins III. These co-founders are aiming to make their mark in the wine business and establish Twin Ponds Wines. Together, they oversee each step of the selection and production with their California Partners to produce the wines desired by the Twin Ponds audience.

The wine was originally handpicked for the annual Wine and Food Festival. However, a funny thing happened on the way to the market. Tasters, family, and friends demanded the wine be available throughout the year. After hearing reviews from some focus groups in Georgia, Florida, and Illinois, and along with comments from wine-tasting events, they knew they had a hit on their hands.

The sister and brother team is not the only family members involved in the business. Husband a logistics expert, oversees the winery shipping and distribution while wife Nicole Rhem-Collins, an educator, provides public lectures on the wine industry and Twin Ponds history. The next generation of the Collins and Wolff family is waiting in the wings to continue the Twin Ponds' heritage.

The annual Twin Ponds Wine and Food Festival started as a fundraiser for the Twin Ponds Foundation which supports Children in the Arts. It is held on the first Saturday in June in Douglasville, Georgia, only minutes away from Atlanta. The festival will be Saturday, June 1st, 2024. Be on the lookout for further announcements for the Twin Ponds Wine & Food Festival 2024. Get your tickets early before they sell out!

About Us

Twin Ponds Winery, LLC

Twin Ponds Moscato
Twin Ponds Cabernet Sauvignon
Twin Ponds Moscato is a refreshing sweet white wine great for all occasions. Try it today!

Available Soon!

Available Soon!


Twin Ponds Wine

Twin Ponds Cabernet Sauvignon is our bold red wine. A full-body wine bursting with flavor. Get some today!

Twin Ponds Winery: Discover the Essence of Fine Wine

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Twin Ponds Winery: Discover the Essence of Fine Wine

Twin Ponds Winery: Discover the Essence of Fine Wine

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Twin Ponds Winery, LLC


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Twin Ponds Escape – the perfect destination to create memories with your family and friends! Enjoy breathtaking views in a private, secluded outdoor space. Plus all of the amenities you need for an eventful gathering - ample parking, customizable layout options, small spaces for intimate affairs, and plenty of room for large groups.

Our Serene Escape is conveniently located a breath away from Atlanta. 30 minutes from Downtown and the airport. Perfect for any occasion from birthday parties to relaxing weekend getaways; from camping trips to family reunions; from retreats to corporate team building; from photo shoots to multiple scene film locations, Twin Ponds has everything you need!

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